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vienna 2013



vienna 2013


Microsoft Headquarters in Vienna by Innocad


Microsoft Headquarters in Vienna by Innocad

(via dezeen)


Karel Teige, magazine ReD. Ročník I, 1927-28. Prague.

Featuring bauhaus design of Breuer & Wagenfeld, Man Ray, Alfred Loos architecture, Moholy-Nagy, the exhibition Paris or Charlie Chaplin. Via NYPL


Planning to visit the Czech Republic?

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It’s time to address the most asked question on this blog. What to do in the Czech Republic?

List of websites that should help you (100% in English): 
= this site contains ALL necessary and extremely useful information you should know before you visit the country

General websites with basically everything:
czechtourism (very useful LIFE/WORK category)
tripadviosor (sights, reastaurants, hotels; all with user reviews)

Events and activities: 
What food should I try?
Czech castles pinned on Google Maps
Castle and châteaux with pictures

UNESCO monuments
Map of Czech spas 
Natural Heritage
Museums and galleries
Music clubs in Prague
Music clubs in general

Prague sport and outdoor activities
Czech sports
In-line skating
Sports and fitness
Swimming lakes
Aqua parks and swimming pools
Online cycling map of the Czech Republic 

Various: weather forecast in °F (set on Prague but works for all Czech cities) same with °C
Top 10 Apps for Visitors of the Czech Republic
Czech-Englsih dictionary on Google play or iTunes
Czech phrasebook with pronunciation
An Interactive map of beer prices in Prague
Currency Converter App on GP (we accept Euro too but not everywhere)

Airports (Prague, Brno, Karlovy Vary, Pardubice, Ostrava)
Bus/train/public transport schedules
Camping sites in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Education: studying in ČR

Just in case: contact info for all embassies situated in the Czech Republic


my city, i’m so proud.

there’s a wave of fascism sweeping over europe with neo-nazis taking advantage of the lack of proper integration of immigrants, and it’s terrifying. it erases years of progress for women, for immigrants and for the lbgtq+-community, and we sure as hell don’t have time for that.

the pictures are from today’s feminist, anti-fascist demonstration in malmö, sweden. it was one of the biggest demonstrations in the history of the city, and i have a feeling there will be more of them once the fascist political party starts campaigning for this year’s election.


Prismatic Rainbow Buildings. Architizer. Matt Shaw.

MINI Brand Experience Centre Shanghai by BMW China, Architectural Design Team, Shanghai, China,.

Emporia by Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB, Malmo, Sweden.

Panama Biomuseo by Frank Gehry, Panama City, Panama.

Sugamo Shinkin Bank / Shimura Branch by Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture + Design, Tokyo, Japan.

Nagoya Housing by Ciel Rouge Creation, Nagoya, Japan.