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je me souviens

Three by Nice Legs

A twee melody as we approach the height of summer.

My 40th Birthday

I will be on a flight bound for Reykjavik on my birthday. We won’t actually arrive in Iceland when I turn 40 as that moment will happen when we are making our way to SeaTac. fagabyte asked me what I wanted to do on my 40th birthday and I told him “India.” But the subcontinent is a very large one and virtually impossible to experience in two weeks and some change. So we compromised: we each pack one bag, travel as lightly as possible, and spend no more than 48 hours in any given city. So! We will tour 13 cities in 9 countries in 16 days. I’ll let you guess the itinerary.

I will be enjoying the recent legalization of marijuana in Washington state on my birthday. Because I hate the TSA and I loathe screaming children on international flights even more – and you know there’s at least one on every flight – I will be happily calm on a small portion of a pot brownie. Small because I was never one to puff puff pass and a little goes a long way with me.

The itinerary is exciting because I have only visited 3 of the 13 cities. The other 10 are completely new to us. Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death.

We will be in Strasbourg when we honor the passing of Vincenzo a year ago. I can only hope the Alsatians are used to a 40-year-old queer crying—possibly over a glass of wine.

..the smell of canals and cigarette smoke, all the people sitting outside the cafés drinking beer, saying their r’s and g’s in a way I’d never learn.

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